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A disability at any point in life it can be overwhelming. Suddenly, you have a body that does not move the way it used to. If you feel like nobody understands you are not alone. Since much of life is not accessible, why not create your own solutions or advocate for them?

“Do It Yourself Disability”

This booklet offers strategies and thought – provoking questions in order to assess one’s own disability. It separates life into 6 categories. There are many other solutions that work for you. If so feel free to share the story by contacting 484-425-7587.

Physical Issues– Can you get around in your home?
Psychological Issues – How do you feel about you now?
Social Issues – Who is in your support system?
Educational Issues – Can you enroll in further education?
Vocational Issues – Can you resume your previous job?
Community Issues – Are you able to participate in your neighborhood?

  • Everybody is different, solutions suggested may not be practical.
  • You know yourself best but these ideas not replace medical services.
  • A positive attitude plays a crucial role in managing one’s daily life.
  • Decide on a technique; think of the steps in order to act i.e. transfer.
  • The manuscript can offer support to individuals, counselors, parents, etc.

” As a person with a physical disability, this booklet would be useful, informative, and encouraging to anyone who faces daily challenges due to a sudden accident, an illness or the aging process. I like the ideas of journaling and goal setting, because that will give a person the structure they need to live a life of quality.”- Wendy    

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